Connetix Ball Run
Connetix Ball Run
Connetix Ball Run
Connetix Ball Run
Connetix Ball Run
Connetix Ball Run

Connetix Tiles - 92 Piece Ball Run

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A 92 piece set starring unique and exclusive Connetix design features of:

- clear, fluted tubes so you can watch those balls zoom through
- 2 special effects stair case sound scape pieces, 2 S bend pieces
- a split tube for racing fun....
- connector pieces to create epic ball run fun
- 6 wooden balls to kickstart your play

Each set includes:

6 x balls
2 x bowls
2 x long stairs
8 x slides
12 x 90 degree bends (corners)
8 x U shapes
8 x short straight pieces
6 x long straight pieces
2 x snake pieces (wavy one)
2 x Y shaped pieces

36 x squares

    Made using non-toxic, durable food grade ABS plastic (BPA and Phthalate free)
    Super strong magnets to allow for complex constructive play
    Unique bevelled design for strength and scratch resistance
    Riveted for extra safety


      Customer Reviews

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      Saskia Putri
      5 *****

      My boys spends so much time playing with these. They are good quality. Can be hard when you knock them over to re-build as the parts dont click in overly tight, but all part of the fun. As always great service!