About Us

Hello, my name is Yang Yang, the founder of Little Junior Co and a mum of two boys. Becoming a first time mum, I wanted to give my child the best start and soon learnt that play is an important part of a child’s development. It became not only an essential part of my child’s day but mine as well. I searched everywhere for toys that were not only of excellent quality and encouraged play, but also something I’d love to have in my home.

Inspired by my love for modern minimalist style, we have curated a collection of beautiful quality products that inspire little minds and are simple, gender-neutral and grow with the child.

We want our toys to loved by all ages and become part of your family. We hope that with it brings many beautiful memories.

Thankyou for stopping by and happy playing!


“Time spent playing with children is never wasted”, Dawn Langtero.

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